Saturday, 15 June 2013

My first video.

Drum roll please ... here is my first hoop video. My first video ever, actually. I have been wanting to do this for a long time and, thanks to some savings + a small unexpected windfall, I at last have the technology to video myself hooping.

As you can probably see, it is a dark and gloomy day here in my little corner of the world, my hands were numb by the time I'd finished! Midwinter approaches us, and our days are so short now that every chance for fresh air is welcomed.

You'll see Monty off to the side there - he is my ever-present hoop companion. Even when he is accidentally hit with a flying hoop [sorry baby!] he sticks around. Clearly he was bored or cold today as he trotted off half-way through.

I have to be honest and say I hate this video. I hate how awkward I look, and the mistakes I make. I hate that as soon as the video camera is on, I completely lose my hooping mojo!! Hopefully I'll get used to it and will improve the more I video myself.

Happy hooping,

Monday, 3 June 2013

On making mistakes.

Something I am working on a lot in my hoop dance practice right now is fluency.
I’m not great at making mistakes. That is, I make plenty of them while I’m hooping but I don’t deal with them well. They interrupt my flow. I feel like I’ve failed. I stop and sigh and wish for the day when I’m a great hooper who never makes mistakes…
But the more I watch hooping videos [and I’m watching a lot these days] the more I realise great hooping is not about not making mistakes. It’s about taking mistakes in your stride and learning to incorporate them into your flow – or, at the least, not allowing those mistakes to interrupt your flow. One of the videos that helped me come to this realisation is this one of the beautiful Tiana Zoumer, who hoops with grace, speed and passion.
I love this video because although Tiana’s hooping is spectacular, it’s not perfect. She makes mistakes and she recovers from them. She doesn’t get upset that she’s made a mistake; she just keeps on moving.
So, inspired by Tiana, I am determined to keep moving through my mistakes. When the hoop slips I change direction. When the hoop hits the floor I pick it up and carry on. It's not easy - old habits die hard - but when I do keep going, I’m surprised at how right it feels.
Happy hooping,
PS. I wonder how many of the moves that are now part of the modern hooping repertoire came about because of mistakes?