Sunday, 25 November 2012

The rock star of hoopdance.

Today I am sharing this video of the divine Anah "Hoopalicious" Reichenbach for you to enjoy. Anah was the second hoopdancer I ever discovered [after Spiral], when I went searching for hooping videos on YouTube. I just love her style. She's so funky. She's the rock star of the hooping world ... and next year [all fingers and toes crossed] I will get to meet her and learn from her!!!!!
I'm a member of a Facebook group for New Zealand hoopers. Recently I logged in and my hoop brother, Richie, from Taranaki, had posted me a one-word message: HOOPALICIOUS?! So I knew something was up. My feed for the hooping group came up and there I found this post:
"Hiya New Zealand!! Hoopalicious here ... I am thinking of coming to your part of the globe in late May 2013. Do you ladies and gents want a workshop? One day? Three days?? And what would be the best city? AND of course I will want to stay for an extra handful of days to enjoy New Zealand ... Who wants to play?!"
My newsroom colleagues wondered what was wrong when I SQUEALED!
As I explained to my football-mad beloved, it would be like David Beckham coming to New Zealand and offering to do a coaching session with his social football team.
Watch the video and you’ll see why I’m so excited at the possibility of learning from this incredible hoopdancer.

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