Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hooping with the kids.

It's been a sociable summer for us this year. Nearly every weekend John and I are invited out to parties, drinks or barbecues. Being an introvert, I have a limited tolerance for social gatherings but I do enjoy getting together with friends on a sunny evening for some good food and good conversation.

We had a barbecue for some friends at our house on Friday night, and afterwards I reflected on how much hooping has changed my social interactions. Most places I go I take hoops with me, and I often end up hooping with a bunch of kids on the back lawn. On Friday night I spent at least an hour hooping with my friend Brendan's 11 year old daughter, Laura [she's wearing the white t-shirt in the photo above]. I showed her hooping tricks and while we hooped we talked about her favourite books, her school, and her family.

I used to be the person who talked to the women about their children, and the men about sport and politics [and yes, I still do that]. I never took much notice of the kids. But kids - both boys and girls - adore playing with hoops and usually don't have the inhibitions their parents do.

So that's where you'll usually find me at parties these days. Hooping with the kids.

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