Saturday, 27 July 2013

In my garden, this afternoon.

Time in my hoop seems even more important right now, what with a busy job to hold down, hoop classes to teach, a family to spend time with ... oh, and that little matter of a wedding to organise. The big day is just two weeks from today, and I am both excited and nervous!

My hoop gives me the time and space to slow down, to breathe, to get off that mouse wheel if only for a short while.

I could have cleaned the bathroom this afternoon, but today feels almost like spring, so me and Monty decided to do some hoop practice instead. [Monty retired to his favourite sunny spot under the lemon tree, so he doesn't appear in this video.] I decided not to add a soundtrack to this video. All you'll hear are birds singing, the wind, dogs barking and someone's chainsaw. I swear every New Zealand neighbourhood has at least one resident who is obsessed with his chainsaw!!

Currently working on a few new moves and, as always, on smoothing out my flow.

Happy hooping,


  1. Hi Anna-Marie: great to see you relaxing with your hoop. Only 9 more sleeps until the wedding - we can hardly wait!!

  2. What a good reminder about giving yourself space to just be in the moment with dance - your hoop videos always remind me to take time just to dance for myself. Hope all the planning is going well! And good luck for the big day!