Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A different groove.

In mid-flight

I've become a lot bolder with my hooping recently. I've talked about this for a while - now it seems to be actually happening.

I feel there is a real experimental quality to my dance. I'm not afraid to take a familiar groove and send it in a different direction.

We all have "riffs" or "phrases" that we know and are familiar with - this move follows this move and this move. It's good to have those riffs to give our hooping some steadiness. But if we rely on them too much we can feel our dance become stale and static. In the past I think I have relied too much on these familiar phrases.

But recently I've had so much fun stopping the middle of some thing familiar and wondering, "What can I do differently with this?" I've come up with some awesome combinations through this experimental approach. It has a very meditative feel to it.

I'm also no longer afraid to make mistakes. A mistake is merely an opportunity to send the hoop in a different direction!

Happy hooping,
Anne-Marie x

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