Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Chest rollin'

It's okay. I haven't lost my head and replaced it with a hoop. I'm just practising my chest rolls.

A month ago, you would never have seen me do a chest roll. A chest roll was the one move that really scared the crap  out of me - and for good reason.

I used to be really good at chest rolls. Then one evening, just over a year ago, I was demonstrating the move in class - and mucked it up. The hoop smashed into my face [not the first or last time that's happened]. What scared me was that I was using a big hoop and it careered straight into my glasses, ruining them beyond repair.

No more chest rolls for me. I tried to do them again but I couldn't summon the guts to let that hoop go so it could roll across my outstretched arms and chest.

But I decided I would not be held back by one small incident, so I've begun working on chest rolls again.

I'm pleased to report I'm progressing well. I began really small, by rolling the hoop across one arm. Then across part of my chest and one arm. Each week I add a little more of the move in. I can now do the full move, although I need a couple of deep breaths beforehand.

But you just watch me. Come next January, I'll be the chest roll expert!

Happy hooping,
Anne-Marie x

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