Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunny Sunday.

Today was an unseasonably mild day for August, with brilliant sunshine most of the day. Daffodils nodded at us as we drank our tea and an unseen riro riro trilled at us from the ngaio tree. The weather was no doubt responsible for me buying, while John and I were in town, a pair of Teva sandals. I wouldn't normally buy sandals at the end of winter but these were on special, and I've always wanted a pair of Tevas.

I tried them out while I was hooping in the back garden and boy am I glad I bought those sandals. I can tell I'll live in them come summer. They were great to hoop in - I hadn't realised I need good support for my feet until I actually had it. Jumping about was so much easier with them on!

Despite this, I didn't do so well with my hooping today. I hooped right after eating, and after 40 minutes of really fast hooping I felt like I was going to throw up so I stopped. Forty minutes is more than I needed to complete Hoop30 for today .... but in the weekends I usually hoop for at least an hour each day.

Today I was working on the corkscrew and an arm wrap I've just learned, as well as the sliding door, chest stalls and variations on elbow hooping.

Tomorrow I'm back at work. My work days are usually so busy I have to be well organised to fit my hooping in!

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